Win in your Fantasies

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Its funny how often we let our thoughts get the better of us. One second we are watching some random couple at a table near us and thinking they are so cute and in love, then the next second depressed that we are alone and never going to find it and then thinking how unfair life is! There is a difference between thinking and having thoughts. Thoughts just happen, triggered by something we see or hear, but thinking that is an active process we now are engaged in and choosing. The trick is to become conscious when we have let a simple thought take over and we go on thinking down that path of negativity. We want to win in our fantasies…seems obvious right? Yet so often we let ourselves go down the “worst case scenario” road and end up feeling sad, angry or stressed!

My invitation to you is to start to become aware of your thought processes and when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts say “STOP! I win in my fantasies!” Then┬áre-imagine whatever you were thinking in a positive way, rather than it being a bad outcome, imagine what you want…always imagine what you want to happen rather than give into the fear of what you don’t want to happen! Get creative and have fun with it, let yourself open up to how awesome life could be…who knows if you focus on it enough it just might turn out to be your reality!

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