Where are you?

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Are you contemplating why your ex cheated on you? Are you wondering why you got laid off last year? Are you ¬†questioning why you are still single, why your dad got cancer, why your sister is in rehab? Well guess what… your desire for answers just keeps you stuck in the past and missing life as it passes by you now. The answers are not in the “why” but ¬†rather the”how“. Ask yourself, “How can I let this experience help better me. What are the lessons to be gained and how can I learn and grow?”

Sometimes there are no answers and sometimes the answers show up when you are ready to receive them. All we can do is accept what happened yesterday with FAITH that it was meant to be that way and pay attention to right now and what we can make happen in this moment so we can create what we want for tomorrow. The key to moving on is faith and acceptance and learning what you needed to in order to grow!

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