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My name is Davia King and I am a personal life coach and creative consultant.

 What is life coaching?

The purpose of a coach is to assist you to see what little adjustments are needed in your life so you can arrive at your goals, dreams, visions, and greatest heart’s desires. This is done by holding you accountable in achieving your goals and transforming the way you think so you begin to take actions that lead you to what you want out of life! With a coach you can rise above your fears, move past your irrational beliefs and become clear on the ways of being that have held you back. Just like we have coaches for sports teams to help us win and be the best players we can be, a personal life coach helps you win in your life and be the best version of yourself!


What inspires me? 

I am inspired by humanity and passionate about assisting you to create a life you just absolutely love.  I want to see you manifest the desires of your heart and feel empowered to be who you want to be! I believe in my clients and am committed to having them move forward. I will do this by helping you overcome fears, irrational beliefs, and applying new skills and perceptions to accomplish your goals.


What do you want?

If you want to start your own company, become an artist, travel the world, or find the love of your life then I am ready to talk with you!  I will help you arrive at whatever it is you want… that you have yet to fulfill.


Is this therapy?

The difference between coaching and therapy is results. Actions will be taken and you will begin to see your life transform. Thus as your coach I am only successful when you are successful!


Is coaching for you?

Clients who choose to work with me meet five criteria: They have a strong desire they want to manifest, committed, courageous to take action, willing to be vulnerable, and love to have fun!


What is the program?

My program is a three month commitment, meeting once a week for an hour.  The best way to understand if coaching is a good fit for you is to try it!



If you would like to experience a coaching conversation please contact me at to set up a free session. If you are ready and committed to live your life, now it is time to take your first action and contact me.





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