Together We Make It

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One of my best friends passed away exactly two weeks ago today. I don’t know why I can’t write about it right after it happens, it seems I need a few weeks to process through it all and let it come to grips as my new reality…Accept that my friend is no longer in this realm that I exist in.

Up until three months ago I had not experienced the pain of death. Nobody I knew had passed away. In the last three months I have lost two grandmothers and now my best friend from college. It has been quite the eye opener.

I can’t take my life for granted nor can I take yours for granted either. There is no guarantee and I guess that’s part of what makes life so exciting. What gets me isn’t that they are gone (because I believe we are only separated for a time), it is more that I wonder if we were complete or if there was anything else I could have shared or been for that person or if they had something more to teach me.

The last couple weeks I think the thing that has impacted me the most was how much we are all intertwined in life. I am not an island, I am not alone. As much as I would like to solely blame myself or  solely take credit myself for my life… I cannot. I have been influenced by so many people for the good and the bad. I go around doing the same thing for all those who come in contact with me. My friend Jenavieve was a very special friend to me, we shared a connection that was unique, I taught her and she taught me and we grew from one another. I know this is the case for all of us in all our relationships, or at least this opportunity is there to learn. But more so than any other individual has her life impacted mine.

The reason she is so unique is because I saw her life transform. When I first met her and who she was when she passed away were two different people, if that is possible. I think throughout our lives we go through stages and hopefully evolve and grow out of those stages that are not so positive or healthy. Most people take a lifetime well up into their 60’s, 70’s 80’s to achieve this (if they ever do at all). But my friend Vieve did it in her twenties…thus why her life was complete and she was ready to transition on to the next phase.

I learned so much from her because I got to witness a miracle of someone able to change their life and soften their heart, become humble and learn. Then take the love in her heart and go out and teach, touching the lives of others and bringing her light to many more to be touched so that they too could turn around and do the same. I will never forget my dear friend Jenavieve and her unconditional love, her un-judgmental attitude, her quest for knowledge and wisdom, the dedication she had for self improvement and her strength of heart and perseverance.

She has changed my life for the better and I have no excuse to stay stuck or small or anything other than the best! Because I saw her transform, so I know I can do, we all can, if that is what we desire! Please take this moment in your lives to consider what you truly want, knowing you have no guarantee for tomorrow, go out and get it, be it, make your life complete, clean up the things that need cleaning in your soul and be your best version. Not only will you no longer fear death but your example will radiate and you will touch the lives of many. This is why we are here, to teach and learn and grow with each other.

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