The Pursuit of Happiness (or at least life experiences)

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Man I am so tired of being poor! It just feels like it is one thing after another! Living in LA is not an easy thing. Everything costs money…rent, groceries, gas, phone bill, insurance, sushi, frozen yogurt runs,  parking,  all the bums asking for money, tacos and bean and cheese burritos cuz my groceries went bad before I could use them, tuition, redbox, pizza by the slice, utilities, bottled water (LA water is gross), freaking everything costs money! MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Money, I just don’t seem to have enough of either! Last month I made a whopping  $846 bucks! What on earth, that kind of money doesn’t even cover my monthly$900 tuition payment!  So what’s a girl to do?

Last week I went to a friend’s house for dinner, she is in her mid thirties now, but told me she bought her house when she was 24! After I left I thought crap I am 26 and haven’t even thought about that yet! Just out of curiosity, today I checked out the local real estate to see if I could maybe start putting some roots down… you know so I can start to be serious in life! Quickly after looking at what my monthly mortgage payment would be and what I currently am making I realized that is not a realistic possibility.

Now I have two choices at this point. I can feel sorry for myself that I don’t have “enough” money. Or I can look at all I do have. I realize that the last two years of my life I have supported myself through grad school, which is huge investment #1. Huge investment #2 would probably be my desire to explore life and live in an expensive city away from the ease of my home town where rent and cost of living is dirt cheap comparatively. Investment #3 would be every chance I get I travel, blowing a good chunk of anything I had just saved up. So in reality I can’t complain. I am doing exactly what I want to do with my money. Yeah I may not have enough, but I’m sure even when I do make more Ill still think the same thing. I’ll still think I need more for this or that. The learning I am taking away from this is; I can’t compare and complain that I don’t have what other people my age may have. The interesting part about being in your twenties is we are all over the board in life. Some of us value having a house, some want to travel, some want to work their way up in corporate America and then some of us want get married and pop out babies. Me, well I’m happy exploring all I can with as little responsibility and commitment as possible (I mean I have been sleeping on the floor for the past six months because I havn’t wanted to get a bed in case I move sometime soon). The truth of the matter is I have no idea what I want in a few months from now or where I will be! So until I have a little more clarity, onward I go in my journey just enjoying the ride having faith that when the time is right all the other things will come with ease!

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  1. olivia cecchettini
    June 6, 2010

    best pic EVER!!!!!i love your blog!

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