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What others are saying…. 

Davia King is a breath of fresh, invigorating air.  She is centered, smart, and has an incredible knack for listening with her heart, speaking with wisdom far beyond her years, and loving unconditionally.  To have the distinct honor and pleasure of witnessing Davia’s genius not only helped me grow personally, but taught me so much as a coach.  Her direct and clear approach is right on the mark.  She is unwavering in her commitment to be of true service.  Davia is a gifted coach capable of creating absolutely magical possibilities for her clients.  - Sim Saran, Success Coach

The one quality I think that sets Davia apart is her intuitive questions.  During our meetings, she would ask the best questions that would get to the heart of the issue that would help me shift.  -Judi Glova, President, Pinnacle Coaching & Consulting

Davia’s coaching is exceptional.  She is 100% committed and present when she works.  She has a keen intuition and laser focus.  She is very effective at cutting through the story and fluff to address core issues and identify key shifts in behaviors that make the difference in terms of achieving results.  Working with Davia is a gift.  She helped me to not give up on my dreams.  Her steadfast support helped me to stay true to myself, and I am now living with the concrete results of experiencing my dream as a reality!  -Rohini Ross, M.A. MFT

Davia has this amazing gift of seeing through all the limiting beliefs we get ourselves caught up in. She is masterful at sharing her experience of you which always leads to great breakthroughs. It’s a gift to be in her presence and to experience her wisdom. If you want to live your life to its fullest, you’d be a fool to pass up on the opportunity to work with Davia. -Monique Debose, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, M.A. Spiritual Psychology

Davia worked with me once a week for 3 months and during our sessions I was able to focus, strategize, set goals, attain goals, become introspective, self-analyze, find peaceful moments, become more aware of myself and others, break through the barriers that were holding me back and find a clear path for my personal and business success.  She was able to make me comfortable with her and was non-judgmental with me so we were able to focus on the task at hand and have very concise and organized sessions.  Each session brought clarity of thought and allowed me to focus on the present moment which allowed for personal breakthrough and personal growth. I recommend Davia to anyone who may be at a crossroad or turning point in their life or just to find clarity in a world of uncertainty.  -Casey Child, Owner, G2G Bar, LLC    (Good2Go Protein Bars)

Enthusiasm, encouragement, and personal attention are what punctuate the incredible insight Davia King brings into every relationship with her clients. Her coaching is about creating new possibilities and improving oneself. She has the natural ability to ask the right question at the right time. Davia was able to assist me in identifying both personal as well as business blocks in my media strategy business, and by so doing, I was able to see my company grow from 10k a month to three times that within 4 months. Davia laid out a plan of how to achieve the dreams of my heart, clearly taking me step by step through my fears & passions helping me land in a successful position. Life is a collaboration, so here’s hoping everyone can find great people to collaborate with like Davia King. -Scott Lazerson, Founder and CEO, Mediathropic

Not only is Davia fun and easy to work with, she got me thinking in a way I never have before. Which resulted in exponential growth both financially and in my relationships. -Stuart F.

I can’t believe the confidence I gained after working with Davia.  When before I felt unsure of myself and marveled at what others could do.  I now know the power is in me and I now feel like I can become the successful person that I have imagined.  I wanted to reach my highest potential and through her training I have realized that I can pin point and accomplish exact goals that will lead me to a productive successful life and most importantly to the person that I want to be. Thank you Davia! -Britney H

I was feeling a bit insecure about an upcoming job interview and needed a little boost of confidence. I called Davia and scheduled a session over the phone. She has coached me a few times in the past so she is familiar with my personality and strengths. After a 15 minute session, all of my worries and doubts dissipated. Among other things, she reminded me to be authentic and true to myself and that if I was right for the position that everything would work out. Not only did I get hired, I was informed that at least 35 people had interviewed before me. The position is in finance, and I am a student of psychology. Davia is very gifted at giving people the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves. I am confident in her ability to help anyone accomplish anything! Thank you Davia!    -Richelle M

I found Davia at possibly the lowest point in my life. I was contemplating many things and none of them were rational.   I have been to over two dozen specialists in my life and never experienced a change; they just made me feel weak for seeking console in the first place. So with Davia I was skeptical at first, but after a couple weeks of testing her I decided I would let her in. I must admit I dropped to the bottom when I split my guts. I couldn’t sleep for a couple days but soon, after following her simple tips and a deal of phone calls, I began to feel myself getting that energy and motivation I once had and I feel great. Davia has a combination of liveliness, class, and authenticity. She is fearless and confident with no pause in her steps or words.Before I worked with her I was  half as productive in my work and I just felt drained and empty… It has been almost 2 months since then and I feel like I’m getting stronger everyday… I hope you can experience the same. Thank you Davia. -Alex B

I had quite an amazing journey with Davia as my life coach. I initially set up life coaching sessions to help me transition out of my job into a new career path. I felt limited, lost, unsure of myself, but scared to move on from a rut that I wasn’t happy with. I was confined in my own paradigm and needed to break free, I just didn’t know how to do it. I knew that Davia had helped several of my friends through stagnant phases of their life and had watched them transform for the better over a short period of time. I went into my sessions with Davia with an open mind and absorbed everything that she said. I was really impressed with her insight and was constantly surprised at how well she could relate to my profession and life experiences that I thought were quite unique to me and my line of work. Davia managed to open my mind and allowed me to see my full potential. She pointed out the barriers that I had built for myself and confined myself with – then lead me through and beyond those barriers to see my true value and unlimited potential. Davia also held me accountable  and gave me attainable goals to measure my progress. With Davia as my coach I established the intention getting 3 job offers before our sessions were over and this goal was easily met. The job I ended up taking was a 30k net increase from my previous job! Not only did Davia help me find a way through my career change but she also helped me to realize many false beliefs that I had created about myself, that had been holding me back from becoming the person I want to be. I not only learned how to navigate through a life change but also how to strengthen my relationships with everyone around me through more effective communication. She also helped me to stay true to my work-out goals and helped me to gain some muscle and lose some fat – that was a nice and unexpected bonus from this whole process! I can’t say enough great things about this experience and have referred friends to Davia since I really believe in what she is doing, and doing it incredibly well. If you are stuck in a rut and not sure how to move forward, keep falling short of your goals and feel like you are spinning your wheels please set up a meeting with Davia, it will really help you change the way you see how you fit into the world and who you can truly become.  -Pete B

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