Stop Running Into the Wall

You notice that wall in front of you? You know the one you keep running into? No? Okay, have you noticed your head keeps hurting and can’t figure out why? It’s because you keep running into that wall! Open your eyes…ahhh, yes there you go. Now you see it. Wait…what are you doing? You are headed straight for it…again. Ouch! Don’t look at me like that, this time you knew. You saw the wall and still walked into it! Hey at least you know what the headache is from! You will probably keep running into it a few more times until you get so tired of the pain, you can’t take it anymore! Then at the depths of your frustration you will decide to stop walking into the wall and make a right hand turn.

I have been doing this. I have been running into the wall over and over again. I even got so conscious to realize I was doing it but I wasn’t tired of the pain just yet. You can’t judge me either. We all do this and we all continue to do it until we can’t take it any longer and this is when we decide to change.

We realize we can’t live one day longer doing the same thing and getting the same results and the only way to get a different result it to take a different action!

Sometimes life has a funny way of teaching us if we don’t ever change on our own. We see we are running into the wall, we feel the pain, but we get almost used to it. We expect this is just how life is…painful and there are no other choices to experience anything else. Stuck in the repetitive habit we run into that wall one more time, but this time the whole wall comes crashing down on top of you! Underneath all that rubble you wonder how you could experience so much pain and survive. Why did this have to happen to you? You are a good person and don’t deserve all this pain!

This is when God steps in and says it is finally time to stop running into the wall. I was hoping you would learn the easy way but you refused, so I had to show you it is really time to stop! You somehow struggle to pull yourself out from underneath and begin to brush yourself off and heal up.

This time you won’t run into the wall anymore. You know what it feels like when it all comes crashing down and if by chance you bump into it again you will quickly remember what it felt like and make a  fast right hand turn!

This is how we learn. Our intuition (or the spirit) guides us and we fill subtle promptings to stop doing something, some nagging feeling, some impression. But we ignore it thinking it is not so bad. We continue to see the results of our actions and realize it is not what we want but still continue in the behavior until we either can’t take it anymore and decide to change on our own. Or God intervenes and shows us by letting the hard lesson take its place and our whole world comes crashing down so we can no longer ignore what he was trying to teach us all along.

My friends, learn the easy way. Don’t do what I did and wait and wait and see the wall eventually come crashing down on top of you. We are being guided and you can feel it when you run into the wall. Trust your heart, trust your intuition and trust God. Act upon what you sense and you will be grateful you did!

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