Someday is Never

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Today is January 21, 2013, I had my birthday four days ago…and turned 29. What does that mean to me? I have exactly one year left in my twenties. And what does that mean? I have one year to live the best life of my life! Twenties are the years of self discovery, love, travel, learning, and laying the foundation of some so called “career”!

I guess I have done a few of those things so far, but when I realized I only have one year left in my twenties a tinge of sadness came over me, that I felt like there are so many more things I wished I had done. So many more experiences I wished I had lived.

Up to this point in my life I have told myself “someday”. Someday I will travel, someday I will own my own house, someday I will be successful and have lots of money! Well guess what? Someday means never! And I’m not waiting for someday anymore!

So what did I do? I just bought myself a ticket to Peru! Yes sir. I saw on Facebook from a friend that tickets were half priced, and pulled out my credit card and charged that sucker! Now I will be going to a place I have always wanted to see!

Reckless? Maybe. But living conservatively has got me nothing but living for tomorrow, always hoping for that someday. So I took an action, and bought myself a ticket. Now I am going to Peru.

So how am I going to pay for it? Well stay tuned! I’m sure you will hear of the details shortly…just know this. Once a desire is clear, and an action taken, a plan is set in motion and the universe rewards those who are courageous enough to take an action to make their dreams come true! So what is inside your heart that you have been waiting for to happen someday? And what are you willing to do TODAY to make it a reality?

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