Sense of Entitlement

We have all seen some spoiled kid throwing a tantrum. No one likes having to deal with these kids with their disgusting sense of entitlement. That’s exactly why they act like they do…in their mind they believe they need to have, or deserve to have whatever they are wigging out about. They are entitled to it. It is their right; it is theirs so give it to them!

How many of you act this way towards God?

How many of you are spoiled children demanding something you believe should be yours?

How many of you are being destroyed by your belief of entitlement? Letting it spoil you, rot you from the inside.

God owes you nothing. The gift has already been given…it’s called life. Each of us has already received our present when we came here, received our bodies and the experience to live on Earth. Now it is up to you to make the most of your gift. So take a deep breath, realize the gift is yours and begin to use it. Be grateful and live your life.

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