Peace in the Present

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I have been on this kick lately of the power of the present moment. Everyone in life is searching for peace. Peace is found in one place, the present.  Let’s do a little example…I want you to think about something that causes you stress, anxiety, nervousness, anger, pain (any negative emotion). Do you have it? Okay great, now look at when this thing occurred in your life. Did it happen in the past? An example could be when you got teased, rejected by a girl, or yelled at by your boss. Maybe you are afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow, a big text, having to speak at a conference, working a double shift ect. Or is it about something that has never happened to you, or is in the works to happen to you, but you are just in fear that it might one day occur? Such as the possibility of getting cancer, getting fired, or having your plane crash.

What time frame are you living in? If it is not in the present moment you are living without power! Do you realize we do not let the past stay in the past? We carry our past with us as if it is still occurring! By continuing to hold on to the story of what happened “last year when my heart got broken”, “when I was in Jr. High and had no friends”, or “when I was five years old and peed my pants” we continue to live as if it is still going on! We are carrying it around like luggage we don’t dare let out of sight! Not only do we refuse to let it go but when we carry it with us we anticipate that it will occur again into our future. We take our past and make it mean this is who I am and how I have to be. This way of living holds us back from really living a life we love!

Every single one of these so called negative experiences is not happening right now, and they either are over and done with or may or may not ever occur in the future, so why do we let them trouble us if it is not actually happening right now? Can you see the insanity in this?

There is only one way to live life with peace and happiness and that is focusing on the now…The present moment. In reality it is the only moment we really have any effect on anyway. So if you want to use your power live in the now! Each present moment we capitalize on we are creating the possibility of a future we may actually want to be a part of! I invite you to let your past stay in the past, where it is meant to be. Let the unknowns of the future remain open for what you want to experience and focus on what is going on right now in front of your face and make the most of it! Peace in the present… that is what you will find!

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