Naive: a blessing?

The dictionary defines naïve : · showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

  • primitive: of or created by one without formal training; simple
  • inexperienced
  • uninstructed: lacking information or instruction
  • deficient in relevant experience

I recently got feedback on my blog by a big time TV producer who I asked to read it and check it out. This is what he said, “I thought it was well written, heartfelt and engaging.  I also thought oftentimes it was naïve…”

Now why would I share with you this feedback? Simply because my naïve self has a feeling some of you may share in the same opinion about the content of my writing as being “naïve”. I would think most people would take offense on receiving feedback that their work and way of interpreting the world is naïve; however, that is not how I took it.

I agreed and smiled to myself.

What if that is my exact purpose, my whole intention and goal? What if that is the purpose of this blog…to get people to be more naïve?

What if I told you at the age of 11 or 12 I began to take life very seriously. I began to see things in a different light than I previously had as a young child.  Maybe I was sexually abused or maybe I was just concerned about being accepted by my peers, making sure I was cool and in with it all. Maybe I was exposed to drugs and alcohol, maybe I was already getting involved with boys and I hadn’t even hit puberty yet! Or maybe I listened to all the talk about the importance of getting good grades, maybe I excelled in school maintaining a 4.0 GPA while taking honors and AP classes to ensure I could get into the best colleges so I could get a good job. Maybe I dedicated my life to sports and excelled on my all my teams, was the team captain and the clutch game winner! Maybe I earned myself a scholarship or two scholarships, academic and athletic! Maybe I tore my ACL and my whole athletic career was over in an instance!…

…Maybe I was sexually active in a small Christian community and no one ever knew, maybe I got pregnant and/or acquired an STD or two. Maybe a young man broke my heart and maybe it happened again a few years later! Maybe I decided I wasn’t worthy of love and gave up. Maybe I was homeless for a while or had to go live with a foster family because my parents couldn’t afford to take care of me, maybe it was because I was addicted to drugs. Or perhaps I was an exchange student and got to go live in a foreign country for a year. Maybe I had to work my way through college because I had no support from my family. It is possible that I partied my whole way through my college experience and it was a druken haze yet I graduated with a 3.5 GPA anyway because I am just that smart! Hahaha then maybe I turned my whole life around and served a mission for my church, bringing souls to Christ along with my own!

Now maybe all of the above is from my own life, or maybe parts I took from others that I personally knew and heard their stories and the hardships involved. One thing is certain. No matter your biological age, life is happening to all of us; it is inevitable we will pass through this mortal experience without the pains and joys of this rollercoaster ride. MAYBE AFTER SEEING ALL THE PAIN, PRESSURE, INJUSTICE, AND FEAR IN THE WORLD I DECIDED TO DEDICATE MY LIFE TO HELPING OTHERS FIND HOPE AGAIN!

My producer friend then went on to say, “….oftentimes it was naïve but that could be my jaded perspective on the world.  My goal in our friendship is not let any of that attitude rub off on you.  You are a “flower child” with this innocence about you that I would hate to see spoiled.”

The truth my friends is I am not as innocent as I would like to be and unsure I could consider myself a “flower child”. I know I am relatively young and still lack many life’s experience yet I have to admit life has already played a number on me… but I am choosing to be more naïve in my life! I am challenging every paradigm of “what is” and what has to be! I refuse to give in to the traditional mindset of my grandparent’s generation, my parent’s generation and my own generation! I believe what I choose to believe, call it naïve call it whatever you want. But if it gives me faith and hope that I can mold my life exactly how I want and I can in turn inspire at least one other person then it is worth it!

To be called naïve is a compliment to me. I rather be naïve and living, than jaded and dead any day! It is easy to let the weight of the world pull you down. To the contrary to work against it strengthening your “naive muscles” is where we grow and progress! At the end of my life I will approach my God with joy and gratitude that I did every last thing that I wanted to on this earth and I wasn’t afraid to live fully! That I was courageous enough to be my own person, to think original thought! To be who I wanted to be totally free in my own skin, totally owning my quirks that only I do perfectly! KNOWING I FULFILLED MY PURPOSE THAT ONLY I COULD FULILL. If this is my one shot then I am making the most of it and to do so requires what I like to call faith, and what others might like to call naïve.


  1. Bryan
    November 7, 2010

    Being affected by life is one thing but choosing to make your life what you desire despite your circumstances and limitations is being champion. don’t become a victim of your circumstances! Good write Davia

  2. 2rd
    November 10, 2010

    Naive has many definitions in addition to the ones you gave:
    “ early use, it meant natural or innocent, and did not connote ineptitude.”

    I have also found that in Norwegian dictionaries it is described with words simmilar to: Unretained, rebellious, unaffected..
    More towards how Naive Art is defined.

    Words onyl have the power you give them anyways.

    Can you consciously choose to be Naive ?

  3. pharmacy technician
    November 13, 2010

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  4. jv
    November 13, 2010

    This was sick Davia! thanks for the thoughtful post. You are right, faith requires the innocence of a child but is not absent of experience. Just as naive artists work appears simple but is actually trained; man can appear one way and have experience and training in life not known by others.
    Love ya girl. keep it up. you are amazing. thanks for sharing what you’re real…real cool:)

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