Let me tell you about my day…

At 8:30 a.m. I woke up and did some writing then meditated as I said some affirmations.  Fell asleep for another couple hours and re-got up at noon. I painted for a bit, and put up another painting up on my wall near my bed….it is a painting of outer space and looks awesome!

Then I drove out to Santa Monica dropped off an application for an additional year of grad school at USM. Ate a quick vegan snack at the Golden Mean Café then headed towards Pacific Palisades to this hike that overlooks the beach. While hiking I took off my shirt and let my white skin get some vitamin D. I didn’t care if my stomach was the skinniest stomach in LA, I was free and enjoying the smell of the ocean breeze. While hiking I attempted to flow/rap and laughed at myself at how un-smooth I sounded!

After getting to the top of the hike at the lookout point I sat down and enjoyed the view, I began thanking God for the opportunity to live here and then declared to the universe some plans for next year! I ran back down the hill scaring away the lizards as I ran, got to my car and drove to the beach to stretch out.

I then hit up 3rd street promenade and went shopping, buying myself a skirt and a few shirts…something to feel pretty in! Now I am back at the Golden Mean telling you about my day while enjoying a gluten free pizza (I haven’t had pizza in over four months since I decided not to eat gluten).

“Why is any of this information pertinent?” you may be wondering.

I am curious when was the last time you had a fun day? Nothing I had to do today was “important”, none of it had to be done today, but I chose to make a day for myself, a day of fun where I did exactly anything and everything I wanted in that moment.

When was that last time you did even one fun activity a day? Maybe you don’t need to take a whole day for yourself, but what about just one activity? How many of us are wasting away our lives at some job, wasting our time for money, to survive? What are you living for?

I know none of my activities today mean anything other than enjoyment but it adds to my vitality. It adds to my quality of life, it brings me joy and happiness, a feeling of peace. It brings out my creative juices and nothing makes me feel more alive than being creative!

I extend an invitation to you: do one thing tomorrow that you do just for fun. I promise you will not only have fun but feel a bit more rejuvenated to do the rest of your “survival” activities as well! Life is meant to be lived, so let’s begin living!

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