Intimacy Recipe

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Intimacy. You hear people talk about it as a crucial part of a functioning relationship. Well I am going to go so far as say you don’t have a real relationship until you have intimacy. When I say “real” relationship I mean “authentic” or “sincere”. Sure there are all sorts of interactions out there between two different people but until you have intimacy you do not have a real relationship!

What is intimacy? Intimacy is a feeling of closeness. The level of deepness where lasting love resides. Sounds nice right? So how do we get to experience intimacy?  To explain it clearly just take the word and break it down:

Intimacy = intomesee or into me see.

Intimacy is allowing another person to see into who you are.  Complete transparency.  You allow them to see the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, scary, stupid, funny, ridiculous, fears, dreams, hopes, aspirations, all that is that makes up who you are. Now in order to get to that point it requires a recipe with a few crucial key ingredients.

First you add three cups of vulnerability to one cup of courage. Stir together until you allow yourself to drop those walls and let someone in. Then a table spoon of trust that you will survive once they pass by those walls.  Sift through and eliminate all secrets. Next add three eggs of honesty to get it all to stick together and have the right consistency. Throw in the oven and bake for as long as it takes to have the perfect relationship pie! Then share that pie with the ones you love most and enjoy the sweetness!

You may be thinking, “Why do I need to have intimacy anyway? I like how deep our relationship is, I don’t know if I want it to be deeper.” That is fine, we are all at different levels of maturity when it comes to love, and many of us fear intimacy and that deepness of love that comes with it. With that said however, I offer you one consideration. At the back of your mind you are aware that this person with whom you are in relationship with is actually in love with only a version of who you are presenting. If you do not show all that you are, you will never really be “in love” because they do not know who you truly are, only the person to which you lead them to believe you are. You will always be living in fear, that if they discover what is really going, on or who you really are, they will leave you, thus creating a block in your relationship.

I invite you to take that leap of trust, and show all of who you are. Be open and let the cards fall where they may, this way you will attract someone who really is perfectly matched for you. Who will love and accept you for all that you are!

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