Honor One Another

I bet most of you were taught by your parents the golden rule…to treat others how you want to be treated, or otherwise known as the basic commandment to honor one another. Could you imagine how different our world would be if we actually treated each other this way? How much more love, joy and peace we could experience. I wonder why it is so difficult for us to honor one another?

I believe a huge part of this struggle is due to power, and the attempt to gain it over one another. This drive for power is a motive from fear, the opposite of love and faith. When we operate out of fear we negotiate our spirit and the life force of our spirit. We negotiate away our own power in this tug of war!

We can’t negotiate our spirit regardless of our fear or loneliness. For when we do we begin to lose our vitality, our happiness and motive to live. Eventually we resign and give up. Look around the world and see the herd of walking zombies living a shallow (and unhappy) life in some vain attempt to get money, sex, or power, thinking this is the road to happiness!

In this pursuit of happiness (when motiviated  out of our fear) we give our power away. So what do you do when you find yourself in a dead end job for the money? A loveless relationship for the sex or fear of being alone? Or perhaps someone took your power from you and you find yourself the victim of betrayal, abuse, lies, manipulation, or abandonment? You have two choices, you can continue to give up your power or you can “call your power back”. One you are dying and the other you are living.


Now you are probably wondering how does one go about calling their power back? It starts by honoring one another, and even more specific HONORING YOURSELF. We are never truly victims unless we continue to chose to give our power away. By calling your power back and beginning to honor yourself, the outer world will respond to your inner choice.

We call our power back by letting go of resentments, letting go of judgments, letting go of our need to control, and forgiving those that have harmed us. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO MISTREAT YOU. You may need to cut some people out of your life and let them go if they don’t have enough self honor to honor you in return. If it is a relationship with someone you cannot let go of, such as a parent or sibling you need to learn how to set up healthy boundaries so you are no longer negotiating away your power.

Our relationships are the best opportunities to learn from, they are mirrors for us to see how we ourselves are and how we can improve. If you see you are not being honored or respected, take the first step and honor yourself, then call your power back! You are worth it, and deserve to experience more out of this life!

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