“Free your mind, and the rest will follow…”

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Have you noticed the subtitle of my blog next to Quarter Life Process…AN EXPLORATION OF LIFE. I want to talk about exploring for a bit. I’m sure most of my readers know I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or more commonly known as the Mormons. I get all sorts of interesting responses from people when they first find out I am a Mormon. Some of them are quite ignorant, maybe you have heard some of the common mis-beliefs such as, “I will have to share my future husband with five other women, I hate black people and homosexuals”, or the most random “I can’t drink Coca-Cola”. Sorry to break it to ya, but if you are also one of these people who was so tragically misinformed, the truth is no practicing Mormon is a polygamist, there are thousands of black members of the church, we love gay people…in fact we love all people, and nowhere in our doctrine does it say we can’t drink Coke!

One of the downfalls of our little world we live in is too many people are misinformed! We think because we saw something on TV or maybe because we heard it from someone else that something must then be true. I guarantee you if you have ever stepped into a Mormon church or attended one of the services you would quickly learn that many of the misconceptions you may have are not true.

On the flip side to all my dear Mormon friends, guess what… you too could also be misinformed about what else is out “there”. Meaning not everything you have been told about things in the world are true either. There are misconceptions and misinterpretations all over the place.

What I want from everyone who reads this blog is to walk away a little more open minded!  Maybe we should actually experience it or learn about it from the source before we go making judgments about what truth we think we may know!

Now you make get scared when I tell you this but guess what Mormon friends? I have studied for the two years spiritual psychology from people who were not Mormon at all! How could that be? Could other people outside of our faith have insight into spirituality? I guess you will just have to go out there and find out! I have also visited other churches and studied other philosophies. I believe in astrology and am amazed to learn more about how the stars can help us achieve our purpose here on earth, and I have even seen a psychic or two! Haha now I’m sure that confession has you on your knees praying for my salvation!

All joking aside I hope my point is clear. It is a disappointment when I meet people on both sides that seem to lack the knowledge and then judge something falsely. In my life I have tried to keep an open mind and understand what is out there. I do not judge something “of the devil” before I have actually learned of it. I may find as I learn of it for myself that it really doesn’t hold much truth or validity, or I may find it strengthened my testimony and deepened relationship with my Heavenly Father. As long as your morality stays intact and you do not feel uncomfortable to try something new then get out there! What harm can come from learning and opening your horizons? In the very least you will walk away with more compassion and empathy in your heart, understanding another group of people or way of being that was different than your own. If everyone had this mindset we would all have much greater knowledge, much less fear, a few less wars and a lot more friends! LEARN MY FRIENDS, OPEN YOUR MINDS AND LEARN!


  1. Ashley Mathis (Your RB)
    November 15, 2010

    My curiosity about Mormonism is the main reason Dave and I became such good friends. I have grown up Christian, as you know, and many Christians hate Mormons. I was pretty much taught that Mormons are crazy and they distort the Gospel. I wanted to see if this is true for myself, which its not. I dont believe some of the things you guys do but I also dont believe you are all going to hell. On the flip side I have experienced a lot of silent judgment. I know that everyone thinks I am cool but I still feel like everyone is secretly trying to convert me or just feel sorry for me because I dont know the “whole truth.” I dont have the most conventional views of religion so it gets frustrating sometimes but you made a great point, if both sides would just open up and not be scared that they could be wrong then maybe Christians and Mormons would be closer and their would be less judgment on both sides.

  2. admin
    November 15, 2010

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and share your experience. I appreciate hearing things from your point of view. Well I can’t speak for everyone else there but I think your cool and am not concerned about whether you are Mormon or not :)…so no silent judging going on from this chica! If I decide to play football Ill see you soon! Otherwise take care my speedy friend!

  3. Caroline
    November 18, 2010

    LOVE it! Yes yes yes! Open your mind, and keep your heart in the right place. How can you go wrong with that? I enjoyed this post a lot! AGREED.

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