Feeling So Good!

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Success Stories-Living the Dream | No Comments

I feel so grateful in this moment. I participated in my second art show last night and am still trying to process all that went on in those few hours. I sold some more paintings and am very excited about that, however this time, that was not necessarily the highlight for me. As the night came to an end and I had finished packing up my car, I sat down for a second and just took in everything that happened…all I felt was a huge heart full of love. I was overcome by how many of my friends and family came out to support and share in the fun creative evening. That was the highlight of the night…seeing different groups of friends come together and my different worlds collide to make one beautifully painted evening! I was so happy to share that with all of you who came and those who participated. I felt inspired by the other artists who shared their creative talents and I look forward to having more shows in the future to spread the love and creative energy out into the cosmos for all to enjoy! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me so much joy!

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