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Come enjoy the night with me!

Help us preserve and rejuvenate traditional artisan life in Peru:

This May I will be traveling to Peru with Jesse Gros and Insight Adventures. There we will be living and working with local artisan people in the remote village of Parobamba, nestled in the cloud forest, high above the Sacred Valley. There we will be supporting the amazing work of local artists Daniel Sonqo, his wife Leonarda and their two sons who have single handedly started the revival of local native dye use among traditional weaving communities.

This allows families to support themselves by making and selling their artwork, while preserving ancient knowledge and their beautiful culture. Once a dying art, (no pun intended) these traditional weaving techniques are now making a come back in Peru, thanks to the work of this courageous family and the support of people like you!

Your donation will go towards education and supplies needed to expand this work around the country. Thank you for your support!


Can’t make it to the event: Donate Here:
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