Choose What Is

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Life is one big surprise, and as much as I like to plan and organize, plot out and set goals, things don’t necessarily turn out as I planned them to. So in this new reality I have two choices I can get upset things didn’t turn out as I expected and judge myself as a failure of some sort, or I can look at what is and see the blessings in it.

The reason we get upset in life is due to some sort of resistance to reality. The key then to happiness and peace is to differentiate between what we have control over and what we do not. When you run into something that you can’t change then choose to accept it as it is. For instance today it is raining like crazy in LA and rather than get upset that I can’t go outside and enjoy my day off with a hike like I had planned on doing, I am painting and listening to the rain pour on down and enjoying the sound of it. Life is full of choices and maybe the most important choice we will ever make is to choose to accept what we can’t  change and be grateful for it anyway!

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