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Not every cut of meat is a choice one. In fact even the finest cuts still have some fat or gristle that needs to be cut off or eaten around. So do as you wish with what I am about to share with you… not all wisdom is created equal!

At work a few days ago I was talking with a couple guests as they laid on their lounge chairs enjoying the summer sun. Obviously due to the location of my job (Beverly Hills Hotel) the guest are all financially well off (to put it humbly). So here I was engaging in convo, with this couple from the East Coast. They asked me what I was doing out in LA, and as I told them more about my life they began to give me more and more advice (which I wasn’t asking for but sat and listened too anyway).

They were in their fifties and had kids around my age. I could tell the bulk of what they were telling me was due to their own frustrations with their kids, I’m sure since they were staying at the hotel their kids have been raised with all their needs (and then some) met and growing into young adults with a bit of a sense of entitlement.

I was trying to hear what the wife was saying about her daughter but it was difficult due to her husband yelling on the phone next to her. He was going off to some business partner on how something needed to be done. Not sure exactly what it was all about but all I could tell was he was upset and didn’t care to hear what the other end had to say, he told him how things needed to be done in a condescending manner and then hung up. Back to me he turned and said, “Listen, what was your name again?” Davia, I replied. “Davia listen to me, there is going to come a time in your life when you are going to be hungry for meat. You are going to want a nice juicy steak because you are just sick of eating Mac N’ Cheese like you have been doing. You are going to want that steak and be willing to do whatever you have to in order to get it… even if that means sacrificing your values and principles to get it. You understand me?” Yes of course I understood what he was saying as if his analogy was difficult to comprehend, I simply wasn’t sure if I agreed with him.

He told me I would get tired of doing what I was doing with my life, that I would be tried of starving and I would hunger for something more elegant. But the flaw with his theory is that I would sacrifice my values and morals to get it. Sadly enough I could tell by the way he handled his call he probably has had to sacrifice a lot of his values for his lifestyle. The thing is I am just not sure that sacrifice is worth it (for me). He didn’t seem too happy, seemed pretty uptight, frustrated with his children, mad with his business deals, so why in the world would I listen to him? Then in order to get what he has apparently I need to sacrifice what I believe in to make it happen? Thanks but no thanks! Needless to say I walked away only inspired in one way. To point out a flaw in our society…Steak isn’t the only thing we should salivate after! Just because someone says it’s the best cut or the finest taste doesn’t mean it’s what is going to bring about the most satisfaction! There are a lot of other choices out there, chicken, fish, tofu to name a few, or maybe a nice crisp salad! The point is this find a “healthy” choice, one that brings satisfaction to the taste buds and doesn’t leave you constipated with the regrets of sacrificed values!

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