Win in your Fantasies

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Its funny how often we let our thoughts get the better of us. One second we are watching some random couple at a table near us and thinking they are so cute and in love, then the next second depressed that we are alone and never going to find it and then thinking how unfair life is! There is a difference between thinking and having thoughts. Thoughts just happen, triggered by something we see or hear, but thinking that is an active process we now are engaged in and choosing. The trick is to become conscious when we have let a simple thought take over and we go on thinking down that path of negativity. We want to win in our fantasies…seems obvious right? Yet so often we let ourselves go down the “worst case scenario” road and end up feeling sad, angry or stressed!

My invitation to you is to start to become aware of your thought processes and when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts say “STOP! I win in my fantasies!” Then re-imagine whatever you were thinking in a positive way, rather than it being a bad outcome, imagine what you want…always imagine what you want to happen rather than give into the fear of what you don’t want to happen! Get creative and have fun with it, let yourself open up to how awesome life could be…who knows if you focus on it enough it just might turn out to be your reality!


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My friend Angela, is having a good time in an unlikely  place…just goes to show how fun life can be regardless of where you are at! Hahah I love this, makes me smile and I bet you will too! Enjoy 🙂


How to Keep New Year Resolutions

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Express Yourself In 2012

When I was home visiting for Thanksgiving I drove past this field and the feel of it was too interesting not to do anything about. So I jumped the fence and attempted to capture the feel of it. I went home looked at some of my footage and was pleased to see how cool my little iPod (using the 8mm app) could capture the ambiance.

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 I was talking to Tejah (my roommate) and told her what I was doing and how easy it was to film using the app. She got excited and wanted to try it out and made her own little video.


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When I got back to LA we begin editing our footage and our other roommate Wendy saw what we were doing and got inspired to make her own video too using the same app on her iPhone.


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 After we all saw how fun and easy it was to be creative we decided to send the invite out to everyone to do the same and express yourselves creatively! People ask me if I am trying to be an actress or something, they don’t understand why I would make a video just to make it. In life there are too many times we shut our ideas down because we think “but that’s not me”. I’m tired of living that way and one of my goals this year is to live creatively expressing myself authentically without any other motive than that. So I may act, I may write, I may paint, I may sing, I may direct or even rap… who knows what! Whatever my heart feels like doing is what I will do! For the last month since we have been making these little videos I have had some of the most fun of my life, simply because I am creating! I invite you to do the same, life is too short to keep squashing out your ideas! Have some fun and be creative! For more information on how you can participate in 8mm project we are doing please watch this video (warning: I am rapping in it haha) and check out our facebook page FilmsFilms Productions. Make your own video before Jan. 15th and after you upload it to Youtube, email the link to…we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy New Year and lets make 2012 the best year yet!

Another Year Over

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. This last year felt like the fastest year ever! I am grateful for all the learnings I have obtained over these last twelve months and I will share some of the obvoius ones with you….ready set go!

First and foremost honor yourself. Listen to your intuition and follow it. It will save you.


Pleasure gets boring and relationships get old, you need to choose to be grateful or you won’t remain faithful (Ashton Kutcher is an example).


No one is better than another. I don’t care if you are a celebrity or homeless, we are all the same with the same worth to our existence.


Forgive yourself every day!


When someone tells you who they are believe them the first time.


What you believe affects your reality, if your feeling in a funk change your perception up!


If you want to feel loved, go love somebody.


Control is an illusion.


Not all relationships last, and sometimes you just need to cut someone out of your life.


Surround yourself with good, loving, supportive people who believe in you.


If you want to feel good produce something. Be creative, we are meant to create.


Acceptance is the path to peace.


Forgiveness is the key to freedom. You want to witness a miracle forgive someone who have held a grudge against.


A snake is a snake, don’t be surprised when a snake bites you, that is what snakes do.


Express yourself authentically, and you will see, how magically life can be!


Follow your passion or interest whatever it is, this is the secret to happiness.


Sleep well, a good night’s rest means your day will be blessed.


Don’t bite the hand that feeds you or betray the one that loves you.


Most of all have fun and laugh at yourself. This next year begins tomorrow and you are in for a treat…I have all sorts of goodies in store for you so get ready!



Who are you living for?

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Steve Jobs’s name has been passed around quite a bit lately due to his death. We know everyone dies in the world so why are we talking about Steve Jobs? Well it definitely isn’t just because he died, it is because of how he lived his life. The contributions he has made to our world and how he has inspired many. What I like most about Steve is his attitude about life, he said….

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

So I ask you, who are you living for? What drives what you do? Are you following your heart or do you succumb to some external pressure or ideal? True happiness is only derived by being true to one self and following your heart which leads to fulfilling your life’s purpose. Courage is what is required and Steve Jobs emulated it in the ideas he presented to the world and the actions he took to make them a reality. So what’s inside of you screaming to come out? Take courage and let your light shine, the world is waiting to be blessed by you!


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Sure we are all very unique and different and there is not another Davia King out there like me, or another YOU out there that is just like YOU. Which in a way makes us all very special! At the same time what we feel and experience as a whole is the same.

I feel lonely. I want to be loved and I want to love someone. I want to feel like my life has purpose and I am of worth. I am scared too. There I said it. I feel all these things and quite often as well. Isn’t this what is driving all of us?

Think about it… everything you do, is to fulfill the one of three motives. To be loved and accepted, to love someone else, or to feel like you are of worth and have purpose. Every choice you make is to fulfill one of those motives. Because we all operate out of these motives that makes us all the same.

I don’t care what race you are, what gender, what sexual preferences you have, what religion you belong to, or what country you’re from. WE ARE ALL THE SAME IN WHAT DRIVES US AND WHAT WE WANT.

Do I feel, am I real? Yes, I feel all the same stuff you do. Sometimes it hurts like hell too. And I am grateful for it all, because that’s what unifies us together! So the next time you are really going through something and wishing you weren’t, just think about how much better you will now be able to relate to the rest of humanity. You are not alone, and neither am I!

What Really Matters?

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Let us get clear about what brings about results. ACTION! Taking action in your life is what will change your life. You want to feel happy, begin smiling. I promise you will begin to feel happier. You want to lose weight, eat healthier. You want to get a date, ask a girl out! ACTION PRODUCES RESULTS!

Not only does it apply to the here and now but let’s get spiritual for a moment. Or maybe we are going to get religious…depending on how you view things.

Many religions believe that after this life there will be a sort of judgment. Where we will stand before God and be evaluated according to how we lived our lives. Then depending on how well we did, we’ll either go to Heaven or be damned to H. E. Double Hockey Sticks! Doom! (This is a simplified version, but you get the gist.)

Now regardless of your spiritual or religious orientation and beliefs, just play along with me that the judgment scenario is true. We will get “up there” and God is going to ask us one question. Can you guess what that is going to be? I’m pretty sure it is not going to be “Tell me what you believed in your life?” or “Tell me what you thought about in your life?” He is going to ask something like, “What did you DO with the time you were given on Earth?” WHAT DID YOU DO?

I feel a little confused when I talk to others, especially within my own religion. I hear all sorts of people tell me their beliefs and testimonies with passion and vigor. Yet I see what they do and there is a disconnect. If you believe something is true, you better well live it! Because in the end you will be judged for your actions not your beliefs. And you are not going to be judged for other people’s actions just your own, so stop worrying about what other people think, do, and believe. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU AND YOUR HINDERED JUDGMENT.

Are you loving people more or are you judging them? Do you accept someone as they are or wish they would change so you could be happy? Do you see ways to be of service and do it out of the kindness of your heart or are you motivated by guilt? How are you showing up for others? Are you inspiring for good or do you leave people feeling like they are less than and unworthy? In the end my friends, if there is a judgment like so many religions preach of, I hope you understand it has nothing to do with what you actually believed in and everything to do with what you actually did. If you don’t agree with what I believe, that is totally fine, just go out there and do good, spread good, and bring joy to others. Keep striving to be the best version of yourself and where you walk leave some love and have faith everything else will end up okay. The point is to focus on yourself and  how you can improve, not on how others are living their lives.

If after reading all of this you are now judging me that I am too “out there” well I’m sorry, hahahaha you have missed the whole point! I, like the rest of you, am just doing my best. I strive to walk my talk, reach my potential, and inspire others to do the same. If I have ever left you feeling judged or unworthy during my life, I am sorry, and at this moment I am creating the possibility that I only leave you feeling loved and accepted.

Get Out of Town

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Two days ago I returned from the mountains of McCall, Idaho, my little piece of heaven, my getaway. It is my opinion that every now and then you must get away. Get out of town and just leave everything from your life…for just a bit. For me it was like recharging the batteries of my soul and I was committed, I forgot Facebook, Twitter, and even turned off my phone for a whole five days! I needed to get away from the petty dramas of my life to realize that is all they are…petty.

I spent most of my time at Payette Lake. The air smelled of vanilla scented ponderosa and as I breathed in looking at the blue sky set against the green pined mountains that hugged the clear lake, I thought to myself, “Life is beautiful.” I laid on the dock for hours reading John Steinbeck’s masterpiece, East of Eden, until my skin turned a golden tan and I felt a bit nauseous from the dock rocking back and forth with the subtle waves.

That evening two foxes came up to the back door and knocked wanting something to eat, we threw some leftovers onto the grass and watched them eat it up. As our courage grew so did the foxes’ and soon they were eating right off our forks! Then suddenly took off as three deer ran into the yard to see what was for dinner! I felt like our back yard was more like a petting zoo than the wild outdoors!

I canoed the river, hiked until my toes hurt and picked huckleberries till my fingers were stained purple. Later I baked a huckleberry peach cobbler (I can’t remember the last time I attempted to bake, but I proudly admit it turned out rather delicious)!

On Saturday night we decided to head into town to check out the night life. The Salmon River Brewery had a local band, The Billy Goats, playing blue grass in the back. I enjoyed watching these county white folks dance with no rhythm, It added to the ambiance, as the air filled with twangy sounds played by these full bearded country boys.  As I sat there I felt as if I am in an era not my own. I somehow slipped back into a place where time stands still or at least moves much slower.

Our cabin had a hot tub and at night I would lay in it and look up into the star studded sky. My eyes could have been playing tricks, but it looked as though the stars twinkled as if they were sharing a conversation with one another. Everything seemed so much more alive.

The people smile more in McCall. Strangers came up to chat, nothing really seems odd to anyone they just are, jolly and being. I’m the only one who thought it was odd how friendly everyone was. Maybe everywhere people are this nice and down to earth they just need to slow down to remember?

People are still beautiful, I am full and grateful and I had to escape the insanity to remember. One must get away and rejuvenate the spirit. We get lost in the silly dramas of our lives. In the rat race we create meaning and feel important we are doing something great with our time. Maybe we are just distracted and lost and forgot what life is all about. Try slowing down and enjoying what is there all the time around us. Slow down and see, and remember who you are and be happy!

Go find a bigger game to play!

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I have noticed the past couple weeks I have been feeling really negative and angry. Sometimes it feels like poison and I want it out of me! I have been going through a lot of transitions these past few months so I am not surprised I feel this way yet I prefer to go through these transitions in peace.

As I thought about these different transitions many of them I cannot control such as: accepting others as they are, accepting myself where I am with my career, wishing relationships looked and felt different than they do, and my car breaking down and having to put $2k into it!

I realized since I cannot really change any of this I only have one other choice to accept what is. To chose it as it is occurring and let it be. Now this is so much easier said than done!

But then I thought….

What if there were something I could find or create in my life, some project, goal, relationship or activity, that would make almost all other concerns or resistances fade in comparison? What if something were to become important enough to me that it would minimize the frustrations of what I had been resisting or trying to control?

I realized that when I am active and focused on what I want the anger goes away and enthusiasm takes it’s place! For example I have been having a difficult time emotionally accepting that a relationship has ended. But what if in this place I find another person comes into my life and turns  out to be the most exciting, passionate, fulfilling kind of partner I’ d always dreamed of, I’d be able to accept that my former lover had left. Or maybe I will find the freedom to get fully committed to my business of starting my own coaching practice which is a long-held career goal. In either case it makes it much easier to accept that my relationship has ended  because in its place I found something big enough to focus on.

So when there is something you are having a hard time accepting, you want to look for the enriching possibilities and alternatives. What would have to be happening in your own life for you to no longer be so concerned about that which you don’t have control over anyway? What would  it take to lessen or let go of the resistance toward that thing you’ve not wanted to accept?

When one game is over, just look for the next game to play and if it is bigger than the previous one, you will feel grateful and excited once again! Focus on what you want to create not on what you can’t change. Love you guys, be happy and be great!

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