How to Keep New Year Resolutions

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Express Yourself In 2012

When I was home visiting for Thanksgiving I drove past this field and the feel of it was too interesting not to do anything about. So I jumped the fence and attempted to capture the feel of it. I went home looked at some of my footage and was pleased to see how cool my little iPod (using the 8mm app) could capture the ambiance.

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 I was talking to Tejah (my roommate) and told her what I was doing and how easy it was to film using the app. She got excited and wanted to try it out and made her own little video.


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When I got back to LA we begin editing our footage and our other roommate Wendy saw what we were doing and got inspired to make her own video too using the same app on her iPhone.


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 After we all saw how fun and easy it was to be creative we decided to send the invite out to everyone to do the same and express yourselves creatively! People ask me if I am trying to be an actress or something, they don’t understand why I would make a video just to make it. In life there are too many times we shut our ideas down because we think “but that’s not me”. I’m tired of living that way and one of my goals this year is to live creatively expressing myself authentically without any other motive than that. So I may act, I may write, I may paint, I may sing, I may direct or even rap… who knows what! Whatever my heart feels like doing is what I will do! For the last month since we have been making these little videos I have had some of the most fun of my life, simply because I am creating! I invite you to do the same, life is too short to keep squashing out your ideas! Have some fun and be creative! For more information on how you can participate in 8mm project we are doing please watch this video (warning: I am rapping in it haha) and check out our facebook page FilmsFilms Productions. Make your own video before Jan. 15th and after you upload it to Youtube, email the link to…we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy New Year and lets make 2012 the best year yet!

Another Year Over

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. This last year felt like the fastest year ever! I am grateful for all the learnings I have obtained over these last twelve months and I will share some of the obvoius ones with you….ready set go!

First and foremost honor yourself. Listen to your intuition and follow it. It will save you.


Pleasure gets boring and relationships get old, you need to choose to be grateful or you won’t remain faithful (Ashton Kutcher is an example).


No one is better than another. I don’t care if you are a celebrity or homeless, we are all the same with the same worth to our existence.


Forgive yourself every day!


When someone tells you who they are believe them the first time.


What you believe affects your reality, if your feeling in a funk change your perception up!


If you want to feel loved, go love somebody.


Control is an illusion.


Not all relationships last, and sometimes you just need to cut someone out of your life.


Surround yourself with good, loving, supportive people who believe in you.


If you want to feel good produce something. Be creative, we are meant to create.


Acceptance is the path to peace.


Forgiveness is the key to freedom. You want to witness a miracle forgive someone who have held a grudge against.


A snake is a snake, don’t be surprised when a snake bites you, that is what snakes do.


Express yourself authentically, and you will see, how magically life can be!


Follow your passion or interest whatever it is, this is the secret to happiness.


Sleep well, a good night’s rest means your day will be blessed.


Don’t bite the hand that feeds you or betray the one that loves you.


Most of all have fun and laugh at yourself. This next year begins tomorrow and you are in for a treat…I have all sorts of goodies in store for you so get ready!



Sense of Entitlement

We have all seen some spoiled kid throwing a tantrum. No one likes having to deal with these kids with their disgusting sense of entitlement. That’s exactly why they act like they do…in their mind they believe they need to have, or deserve to have whatever they are wigging out about. They are entitled to it. It is their right; it is theirs so give it to them!

How many of you act this way towards God?

How many of you are spoiled children demanding something you believe should be yours?

How many of you are being destroyed by your belief of entitlement? Letting it spoil you, rot you from the inside.

God owes you nothing. The gift has already been given…it’s called life. Each of us has already received our present when we came here, received our bodies and the experience to live on Earth. Now it is up to you to make the most of your gift. So take a deep breath, realize the gift is yours and begin to use it. Be grateful and live your life.

Honor One Another

I bet most of you were taught by your parents the golden rule…to treat others how you want to be treated, or otherwise known as the basic commandment to honor one another. Could you imagine how different our world would be if we actually treated each other this way? How much more love, joy and peace we could experience. I wonder why it is so difficult for us to honor one another?

I believe a huge part of this struggle is due to power, and the attempt to gain it over one another. This drive for power is a motive from fear, the opposite of love and faith. When we operate out of fear we negotiate our spirit and the life force of our spirit. We negotiate away our own power in this tug of war!

We can’t negotiate our spirit regardless of our fear or loneliness. For when we do we begin to lose our vitality, our happiness and motive to live. Eventually we resign and give up. Look around the world and see the herd of walking zombies living a shallow (and unhappy) life in some vain attempt to get money, sex, or power, thinking this is the road to happiness!

In this pursuit of happiness (when motiviated  out of our fear) we give our power away. So what do you do when you find yourself in a dead end job for the money? A loveless relationship for the sex or fear of being alone? Or perhaps someone took your power from you and you find yourself the victim of betrayal, abuse, lies, manipulation, or abandonment? You have two choices, you can continue to give up your power or you can “call your power back”. One you are dying and the other you are living.


Now you are probably wondering how does one go about calling their power back? It starts by honoring one another, and even more specific HONORING YOURSELF. We are never truly victims unless we continue to chose to give our power away. By calling your power back and beginning to honor yourself, the outer world will respond to your inner choice.

We call our power back by letting go of resentments, letting go of judgments, letting go of our need to control, and forgiving those that have harmed us. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO MISTREAT YOU. You may need to cut some people out of your life and let them go if they don’t have enough self honor to honor you in return. If it is a relationship with someone you cannot let go of, such as a parent or sibling you need to learn how to set up healthy boundaries so you are no longer negotiating away your power.

Our relationships are the best opportunities to learn from, they are mirrors for us to see how we ourselves are and how we can improve. If you see you are not being honored or respected, take the first step and honor yourself, then call your power back! You are worth it, and deserve to experience more out of this life!

Stop Running Into the Wall

You notice that wall in front of you? You know the one you keep running into? No? Okay, have you noticed your head keeps hurting and can’t figure out why? It’s because you keep running into that wall! Open your eyes…ahhh, yes there you go. Now you see it. Wait…what are you doing? You are headed straight for it…again. Ouch! Don’t look at me like that, this time you knew. You saw the wall and still walked into it! Hey at least you know what the headache is from! You will probably keep running into it a few more times until you get so tired of the pain, you can’t take it anymore! Then at the depths of your frustration you will decide to stop walking into the wall and make a right hand turn.

I have been doing this. I have been running into the wall over and over again. I even got so conscious to realize I was doing it but I wasn’t tired of the pain just yet. You can’t judge me either. We all do this and we all continue to do it until we can’t take it any longer and this is when we decide to change.

We realize we can’t live one day longer doing the same thing and getting the same results and the only way to get a different result it to take a different action!

Sometimes life has a funny way of teaching us if we don’t ever change on our own. We see we are running into the wall, we feel the pain, but we get almost used to it. We expect this is just how life is…painful and there are no other choices to experience anything else. Stuck in the repetitive habit we run into that wall one more time, but this time the whole wall comes crashing down on top of you! Underneath all that rubble you wonder how you could experience so much pain and survive. Why did this have to happen to you? You are a good person and don’t deserve all this pain!

This is when God steps in and says it is finally time to stop running into the wall. I was hoping you would learn the easy way but you refused, so I had to show you it is really time to stop! You somehow struggle to pull yourself out from underneath and begin to brush yourself off and heal up.

This time you won’t run into the wall anymore. You know what it feels like when it all comes crashing down and if by chance you bump into it again you will quickly remember what it felt like and make a  fast right hand turn!

This is how we learn. Our intuition (or the spirit) guides us and we fill subtle promptings to stop doing something, some nagging feeling, some impression. But we ignore it thinking it is not so bad. We continue to see the results of our actions and realize it is not what we want but still continue in the behavior until we either can’t take it anymore and decide to change on our own. Or God intervenes and shows us by letting the hard lesson take its place and our whole world comes crashing down so we can no longer ignore what he was trying to teach us all along.

My friends, learn the easy way. Don’t do what I did and wait and wait and see the wall eventually come crashing down on top of you. We are being guided and you can feel it when you run into the wall. Trust your heart, trust your intuition and trust God. Act upon what you sense and you will be grateful you did!

My Human Race

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I feel defeated. I’ve been fighting a war and in this battle I have been defeated. I am constantly surprised to see what human beings are capable of doing to one another. We are monsters dressed in human skin, going around and bombing each other, murdering, raping, enslaving,  stealing, cheating and lying to one another. Sure we hear of these things in the news, in fact we have heard of it our whole lives. This is what almost every movie is based on and what every story book we read is about. All of history encompasses this sort of behavior. I am disgusted by my race, my human race. It is easy to place it far away from us, until you personally experience the ugliness of what we are capable of doing to one another. Then in this moment of misery, you wonder is life worth living when this is our world? When this is how we are and how we treat one another?

I live for love, I live for light, I live for good and what brings joy. I live to inspire. God knows I have compassion. I open my heart and believe in you, even when everyone else says not to. I have compassion and what happens? I seem to find myself on the burned side of things. Is this what compassion brings? Who was the most compassionate being to come to earth? Christ, and what did we do to him? We killed him. Is compassion a curse or a blessing?

What other choice do I have? What other options exist? Do I take my own life and leave this world even more saddened by my choice to kill myself? No. That is not an option that would only spread more pain. So the only other choice I have is to fight. To fight for good and hope I rally enough troops.

As long as I’m breathing this fight is worth fighting. Life is worth living even if I’m dying. I believe in the good. I believe we can be good.  I still believe in you. I still believe! All it comes down to is choice. We all have it within us both the good and the bad and all we do is choose. Choose to be good. Choose it! End the pain, end the heartache, end the misery, end the lies. Spread joy, spread peace, spread love and truth. I still believe in us. I still believe.

Who are you living for?

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Steve Jobs’s name has been passed around quite a bit lately due to his death. We know everyone dies in the world so why are we talking about Steve Jobs? Well it definitely isn’t just because he died, it is because of how he lived his life. The contributions he has made to our world and how he has inspired many. What I like most about Steve is his attitude about life, he said….

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

So I ask you, who are you living for? What drives what you do? Are you following your heart or do you succumb to some external pressure or ideal? True happiness is only derived by being true to one self and following your heart which leads to fulfilling your life’s purpose. Courage is what is required and Steve Jobs emulated it in the ideas he presented to the world and the actions he took to make them a reality. So what’s inside of you screaming to come out? Take courage and let your light shine, the world is waiting to be blessed by you!

Be a Conscious Observer

Stop. Take a breath. Slow down and observe your life.  We may be stuck in a trap or a dead end but unless you stop to reflect you may not catch it.  Do you feel alive? Do you feel energized and excited for your life each day when you wake up? If not stop and take a look!

It is so easy to get caught up in one thing and then the next. Never stopping to see how this is working or not working for us.  Each day we spend our energy at our jobs, in our relationships, to our community and religions. What is the fruit of your labor? What is the payoff? Is what you are doing working for you? How do you spend your energy with your thoughts and judgments? How is the way you are seeing the world and yourself working for you?

All these things can suck up your energy and hold you back from fulfilling your purpose and experiencing joy and happiness. Take a look at your life. Reflect and observe what is working for you and what isn’t then have the courage to make a new choice!

Do you feel stuck?

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A few years back I found myself stuck. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. I had spent almost my entire life dedicated to soccer and this is what I was passionate about. After I was done playing in college I found myself in an interesting place. I had no idea what else I was passionate about. I couldn’t find it in anything! Panic soon set in and then despair, I was afraid I would never find something I was passionate for again. Then I decided to go on a mission for my church…the idea intrigued me, it seemed like a good adventure. That decision brought a whole new world of experiences, one of which was that I loved to see people’s lives improve. I saw I was passionate about this and this lead to discovering a career where I could continue to help people improve their lives…life coaching. I found my passion!

If you’ve lost your life’s true passion (or if you’re struggling desperately to find passion in the first place), don’t freak out! In fact, do the opposite and just relax. Let go of the pressure of trying to figure it out. In stead go try something different, some hobby or something you are simply curious about. When we follow our curiosity, it often times results in something magical. At the very least, it will keep you distracted while life sorts itself out and at the very most, your curiosity may surprise you. Before you even realize what’s happening, it may bring you to your passion, the thing you have been seeking for the whole time!

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