Feeling Bored?

adjective: novel
  1. 1.
    new or unusual in an interesting way.
    “he hit on a novel idea to solve his financial problems”
    antonyms: traditional

Recently I heard a story in the news (which is why I don’t watch the news) about two young men who shot and killed some random man. When asked why they did it, they simply said they were bored. Makes perfects sense right? This story blew my mind. How sad it can be that because we get bored this is what boredom can lead to…death.

Now many of you are thinking but obviously these kids had issues to actually kill because of boredom. While that may be true, I do think that boredom , if not treated does lead to death. Your own!

Everybody is slowly dying, this is a fact. We all know death awaits us. So how are you spending your time while still alive?

Are you bored? Are you excited? Are you living a life that thrills you and inspires others around you? If not then you are well…just slowly dying!

So here is how to snap out of it…

GO DO SOMETHING NOVEL!!! Go try something you have never done before, and for the sake of the rest of the world, don’t try murder! Try out some random hobby you have always wanted to learn. Go take a class, go create something, write a poem and share it, make a painting, make a youtube video, go talk to a stranger, learn a language, make a new friend, cook something you have never cooked before. Do something that challenges you or makes you stretch.

Here is the interesting part…or a big clue. Think of something that makes you feel nervous or scared and do that! Every time we feel nervous about trying something new that is usually a good indicator it is in fact something we should do! Sounds scary right? Well if you want to feel alive, I suggest you try it.  If you accept my challenge, please let me know what you did and what you got out of it…I double dog dare ya!

How to be successful

There are millions of people who walk this planet. Most of us live an average life, we find some people to love, we find some way to make some money. Then we either create drama to fill in all the rest or we find some distraction to help alleviate the lack of excitement we are experiencing. Common distractions these days are television, smartphones, alcohol, drugs…just to name a few.

What is sad about all us average people is we actually could have done something great to contribute to the rest of humanity…rather than just be average.

So what is it that separates the averages throughout time and those whose names go down in history? What’s the difference between Joe Shmoe and Justin Bieber? Is it just luck? Is it destiny? Or is it much more simpler than that?

As far as Justin Bieber goes, I have met other people in my life who could sing just as good or better than him, maybe even just as cute as he is. But the ones I know are not famous like Justin Bieber. They are a nobody as far as the rest of the world is concerned. So if there are other just as talented people out there why did he get chosen out of the averages and made into a star?

It comes down to two factors. If you do have the talent, (and not always is it obvious, most times it needs to be developed and perfected) then you need one other major factor…Belief you are worthy of the dream. Belief in yourself you can do what is in your heart. Belief it is possible for you. If you have the talent and you have the belief then there is only one other component….time.

It is only a matter of time before you are seen. The trick is you can never give up. This is where most people fall short. We have to keep on being consistent, keep on doing that thing you do to put yourself out into the public. This is not easy; it could be years of stepping out on that stage before the right person sees you to raise you to the next level. During this time it is easy to fall back into fear that you are not good enough…don’t let this be you! Don’t give up right before you have a breakthrough!

Where are you in your path to success? Are you talented enough? If not then work on your craft. Are you out in the world sharing this thing with others? If not how do you expect to ever be found? And are you still actively pursuing your goal? Or have you given up? Only you can honestly answer these three questions, and no matter where you are at, it is not too late. Life is not about being famous or getting rich…those are just the byproduct of doing what you love and doing them very well. The real payoff however is having a full heart because you are following what brings you joy. If you are not excited about life, then this is your wake up call!

Follow Your Dream

I had a friend call me up with a question the other day. She wanted to know what she should do because she felt trapped. She is married and has a child. She has had a lot of fun being a mom and a wife but she said she also feels like there is something inside of her that she needs to let out. A career she has always wanted to pursue but felt like if she followed her passion this would make her a bad mom.

I find her situation interesting and thus why I wanted to share it with you all because on some level I think we all go through this.

Everyone of us has a dream or passion inside wanting to come out and be expressed. Some awesome desire we hold in our heart that wants to come out and be shared with the world. As long as we deny or hide this dream we will live in a state of frustration, anger and a yearning for something more. We can try to push it aside but if it’s a true dream, it will never leave, it will never die.

We serve no one by trying to do “the right thing” and not follow this dream, because it will always bubble up in some sort of way or manner. We may snap at our loved ones and resent or blame them. We may get into addictions to mask our sadness. Or we may even leave those we love because we didn’t find a healthy way to balance the dream inside.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I am not telling you to be irresponsible and abandon the life you have already created. I am however telling you to stop living in denial of what you came here to do and find a way to fit it into your life. If the dream is there it is there for a reason!

Part of why we don’t go for what we want are the irrational beliefs that what we want is foolish, or stupid, or we have already missed the boat because we are too old, or too fat or too whatever you believe to make you stop trying to fulfill that thing! This is where some good ol’ fashioned self control comes handy!

When you stop denying what you want the next thing to do is not give power to the thoughts that control you to stay small and not try. You have to recognize these thoughts as fear based thoughts and then choose, “do I believe the fear thought or do I decide not to believe in that?”

At this point you may question my practice wondering, “But Davia, I’m just being realistic!” Well guess what? No single person who ever achieved anything great was realistic! They all had naysayers in their life telling them what the limits were and they decided to not listen and push those limits away. These are the people we hear about making amazing things happen in the world. These are the people who didn’t let their irrational beliefs paralyze them in fear. These are the people who are actually living their dreams! And it is possible for all of us, as long as we don’t live in fear.

So you want to have a safe life? Fine go ahead and do what you are doing, try and live with that fire in your heart that you keep denying is there. But if you feel it and you know what I am talking about there is no other way to get rid of the desire then to go for it. Life is about the pursuit and journey, as soon as you start moving towards that dream and you keep working at it you will feel joy. I promise you this, and if not, call me up and Ill give you your money back haha! Good luck and if you have any questions about your specific situation please feel free to email me Daviakingcoaching@gmail.com. I would love to talk to you about your heart’s desire!

Come enjoy the night with me!

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This allows families to support themselves by making and selling their artwork, while preserving ancient knowledge and their beautiful culture. Once a dying art, (no pun intended) these traditional weaving techniques are now making a come back in Peru, thanks to the work of this courageous family and the support of people like you!

Your donation will go towards education and supplies needed to expand this work around the country. Thank you for your support!


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Someday is Never

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Today is January 21, 2013, I had my birthday four days ago…and turned 29. What does that mean to me? I have exactly one year left in my twenties. And what does that mean? I have one year to live the best life of my life! Twenties are the years of self discovery, love, travel, learning, and laying the foundation of some so called “career”!

I guess I have done a few of those things so far, but when I realized I only have one year left in my twenties a tinge of sadness came over me, that I felt like there are so many more things I wished I had done. So many more experiences I wished I had lived.

Up to this point in my life I have told myself “someday”. Someday I will travel, someday I will own my own house, someday I will be successful and have lots of money! Well guess what? Someday means never! And I’m not waiting for someday anymore!

So what did I do? I just bought myself a ticket to Peru! Yes sir. I saw on Facebook from a friend that tickets were half priced, and pulled out my credit card and charged that sucker! Now I will be going to a place I have always wanted to see!

Reckless? Maybe. But living conservatively has got me nothing but living for tomorrow, always hoping for that someday. So I took an action, and bought myself a ticket. Now I am going to Peru.

So how am I going to pay for it? Well stay tuned! I’m sure you will hear of the details shortly…just know this. Once a desire is clear, and an action taken, a plan is set in motion and the universe rewards those who are courageous enough to take an action to make their dreams come true! So what is inside your heart that you have been waiting for to happen someday? And what are you willing to do TODAY to make it a reality?


I made a short montage video capturing movement and action around Los Angeles as a New Year creative project for Films Films Productions… they are inviting everyone to  start the new year off being creative and sharing your own art in video format…join in on the fun after checking mine out!

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Together We Make It

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One of my best friends passed away exactly two weeks ago today. I don’t know why I can’t write about it right after it happens, it seems I need a few weeks to process through it all and let it come to grips as my new reality…Accept that my friend is no longer in this realm that I exist in.

Up until three months ago I had not experienced the pain of death. Nobody I knew had passed away. In the last three months I have lost two grandmothers and now my best friend from college. It has been quite the eye opener.

I can’t take my life for granted nor can I take yours for granted either. There is no guarantee and I guess that’s part of what makes life so exciting. What gets me isn’t that they are gone (because I believe we are only separated for a time), it is more that I wonder if we were complete or if there was anything else I could have shared or been for that person or if they had something more to teach me.

The last couple weeks I think the thing that has impacted me the most was how much we are all intertwined in life. I am not an island, I am not alone. As much as I would like to solely blame myself or  solely take credit myself for my life… I cannot. I have been influenced by so many people for the good and the bad. I go around doing the same thing for all those who come in contact with me. My friend Jenavieve was a very special friend to me, we shared a connection that was unique, I taught her and she taught me and we grew from one another. I know this is the case for all of us in all our relationships, or at least this opportunity is there to learn. But more so than any other individual has her life impacted mine.

The reason she is so unique is because I saw her life transform. When I first met her and who she was when she passed away were two different people, if that is possible. I think throughout our lives we go through stages and hopefully evolve and grow out of those stages that are not so positive or healthy. Most people take a lifetime well up into their 60’s, 70’s 80’s to achieve this (if they ever do at all). But my friend Vieve did it in her twenties…thus why her life was complete and she was ready to transition on to the next phase.

I learned so much from her because I got to witness a miracle of someone able to change their life and soften their heart, become humble and learn. Then take the love in her heart and go out and teach, touching the lives of others and bringing her light to many more to be touched so that they too could turn around and do the same. I will never forget my dear friend Jenavieve and her unconditional love, her un-judgmental attitude, her quest for knowledge and wisdom, the dedication she had for self improvement and her strength of heart and perseverance.

She has changed my life for the better and I have no excuse to stay stuck or small or anything other than the best! Because I saw her transform, so I know I can do, we all can, if that is what we desire! Please take this moment in your lives to consider what you truly want, knowing you have no guarantee for tomorrow, go out and get it, be it, make your life complete, clean up the things that need cleaning in your soul and be your best version. Not only will you no longer fear death but your example will radiate and you will touch the lives of many. This is why we are here, to teach and learn and grow with each other.

Spreading My Wings

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For the last six months I have been painting up a storm, participated in three art shows, and have now made a website to share with you all what I have been doing! Check it out and get inspired to find your own little light that you have been hiding! http://daviaking.com/

Dying is Living, Living is Dying.

Exactly three weeks ago today my sweet Grandma LouDean passed away. I have wanted to write about this sooner but haven’t been able to get myself to do it. How do you capture all that you feel when you lose someone you love? So much emotion runs through me, and hits me like waves. Big pounding waves of grief, and you wonder just like real waves, maybe they will never stop, there will always be one more.

I have yet to experience someone close to me dying. I didn’t think it would feel quite like this…but how do you expect such emotions until you actually go through it? I have three other living grandparents…all of whom are in their nineties, which makes me dread this is just the first of many. There are many deaths to come. This may be the truest sentence I have ever written. Soon my other grandparents will make their passing…and I see my parents are not far behind with all their gray hairs and wrinkles. I do not want to sound depressed or morbid, I am being very honest. The part I still am learning to accept is that yes, I too will die. Everyone I know and everyone you know will die.  If you think about it life really is all about death. It is the most natural and common occurrence of life and ONLY guarantee. Yet we all dread and fear it like it is the worst thing ever! Why?

Partly because it is unknown and we fear what we do not know and also because it hurts so bad, I miss my grandma, and I get sad thinking about how I will have to go through that experience over and over and over again with each person I love and then those that love me will have to feel the pain of my death.

There is only one choice and the sooner we make it the sooner we really began to live and make the most of every breath we still have. By choosing death, choosing to accept that I will die and accepting that everyone I know will die, and no longer living in denial of it opens up a whole new way of living. A way that accepts everyone as they are, appreciating every little facet of who they are, of enjoying every moment we actually share, of being present with every hug given and received, of making the most of every opportunity because this is it! THIS IS YOUR LIFE AND EACH DAY COULD BE YOUR LAST DO NOT LET IT GO BY! Have the intention to clear up your lose ends, to make complete your incompletions, to ask forgivness to those whom you have hurt and to forgive those whom have hurt you. Most importantly to love as deep as you ever have, knowing nothing is guaranteed except an unknown expiration date to your life. No more living with regrets, no more living for tomorrow… there simply is no time for that. Today is all we have. Today we live.

Feeling So Good!

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I feel so grateful in this moment. I participated in my second art show last night and am still trying to process all that went on in those few hours. I sold some more paintings and am very excited about that, however this time, that was not necessarily the highlight for me. As the night came to an end and I had finished packing up my car, I sat down for a second and just took in everything that happened…all I felt was a huge heart full of love. I was overcome by how many of my friends and family came out to support and share in the fun creative evening. That was the highlight of the night…seeing different groups of friends come together and my different worlds collide to make one beautifully painted evening! I was so happy to share that with all of you who came and those who participated. I felt inspired by the other artists who shared their creative talents and I look forward to having more shows in the future to spread the love and creative energy out into the cosmos for all to enjoy! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me so much joy!

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