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So you got the job and now you want to make sure you keep it! Here is a list of good tips to follow to help yourself stand out in a positive way.

Always be on time. Use time wisely by starting the day on time.

Dress the part. Dress how you want people to perceive you.

Be honest. Don’t lie, don’t gossip, don’t blame others and admit when you make a mistake, it shows character.

Be dependable. Be the kind of employee your employer knows they can count on.

Have a positive attitude. Nothing works better (in all situations) than having and expressing a positive attitude.

Take initiative. Be proactive. Don’t wait for an assignment. Find something to work on or ask for something to do.

Find a mentor. Mentoring has numerous benefits, from a simple sounding board to someone who helps direct and advance your career within the organization.

Volunteer for additional responsibility.

Keep up. Adopt new software and or technology.

Become an expert at something. Extra skills, especially ones that others don’t’ have, shows your value as an employee.

Know your coworkers. First, know their names. Spend time with them, go to lunch, get to know who you work with so work will be more pleasant for everyone.

Stay connected with everyone. Constantly manage and grow your network of contacts because you never know when a problem or opportunity will arise.

Don’t burn bridges. You never know if someone will be useful in advancing your career, even if you don’t like them.

Build your resume. Look for opportunities to do things that you can put in your resume, like training others, or learning a new skill.

Track accomplishments for your personal satisfaction, raise and promotions, meetings, and for your resume in future job-hunting.

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