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Know what you are looking for. What are the most important priorities? Pay? Flexible schedule? Hours? Location? Potential for growth? Specific industry experience?

Adjust your contact information. Your email address and voice mail should be professional. Your full name should be in both your email and voice mail. Avoid email names like

Customize your resume. Consider several versions, especially if you are looking at several types of jobs. Incorporate key words for specific industries.

Apply. Search online job engines, create a list of companies and apply.,, and other sites can help you find jobs by keyword and location. Go directly to the companies you are interested in to apply.

Get up to speed. Understand the current job searching environment. Talk to someone that works in Human Resources or Recruiting and ask them what they look for, how companies find candidates, and incorporate that into your search if possible.

Business/Contact cards. Keep your business cards on you at all times. If you don’t have them or don’t want to be contacted at work; order business cards with just your personal contact information (name, email and phone number).

Get the word out. Use email, make calls, and remember to mention it in conversation. Consider attaching your resume to the email. Inform everyone you know that you are actively looking for work. Let them know what it is you are hoping to find and ask them to keep you in mind if they hear of an opportunity.

Expand your network. Referrals are consistently cited as the number one source of jobs. Ask those you know to put you in touch with individuals that are well-connected in the field you are looking into  (consider informational interviews). Talk to people you don’t know and ask them what they do.  Join

Attend local career fairs and join professional associations.

Follow up! Use and your network to find connection to someone at the company who can make sure your application is considered. Stand out from other candidates with your follow-through. Check in frequently as to the status of your application.

Ace the interview. Research the company go over your answers to common interview questions. Remember to thank your interviewer by email or handwritten note afterward.

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