Authentic Relationships=Extraordinary Life

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Many would say life is about meaningful relationships. I wouldn’t go so far to say it is the absolute meaning to life but it definitely adds or takes away to the overall quality of life. ¬†As far as I can tell relationships are also the best opportunities to work on your own self development.

Since relationships hold so much importance in our lives, the most effective skill you can develop is how you express yourself to another human being. To be more specific how do you express how you feel.

The purpose of expressing how you feel is to build relationships. The key to success, is to express yourself authentically.

When you are authentic this is when the magic happens for this is when people can most relate to you. When you are authentic you speak with power and the other person walks away inspired.

It is easy to measure your effectiveness by looking at your results. After you engage on conversation in your relationships do you leave them inspired? Do you feel closer to each other, can you relate to each other better?

The truth is nobody ever achieved anything extraordinary on their own. If you look back throughout history at every influential person you will always find others who were there. They were either collaborating in the ideas being formulated or as emotional support in their corner cheering them on. We would be foolish to think that we can go through this life and get the most out of it and leave the biggest impact without having meaningful relationships! If you want to experience love, closeness and be the best version of yourself then began to get authentic, get real and get vulnerable and watch your relationships flourish!

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