Attraction 101

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What is attraction between a man and a woman? First and for most it is physical, but that is only one part. There is also mental attraction, emotional attraction, and last but definitely not least the spiritual attraction. I want to share a bit about physical attraction and how we actually need to be cautious and run!

What the #@%$ am I talking about? So let’s say you look at a man and think, “Holy cow, he is so hot, his body is so cut, and look at that chiseled jaw…  I just want him to ravage me!”  For you fellas you are thinking “Dang look at this little mama, she is so pretty and so tight and those boobs and that booty and oh I just want to do her naughty!!!” (Sorry mom that is a little explicit) On some carnal instinctual level this is the truth about what is going on. This is the part of you that purely wants to pass on your DNA into the next generation. Now when you notice this is what’s happening (and you want a relationship) the first thing you need to do is run the other direction!!!

Totally against what you want to do I know. But there is clear reason why. When you are attracted (on a scale of 10) to someone physically around and 8,9, or 10 you are never going to be able to be yourself and comfortable around this person. As woman we are natural pleasers, it is ingrained in us since our cave woman ancestors. So we will bend ourselves into a pretzel trying to please this man we want so badly. Men on the other hand since cave man times are the hunters and the providers and when attracted to a 9 or 10 will spend money they don’t have in order to get the woman into bed with her! Both sexes will never be able to show who they truly are because they are overly concerned about “getting” the other person they never let their guard down and feel comfortable. They are consumed with the goal at hand.

Don’t take my word on this; just think about your own life and people you have been ridiculously attracted to physically. Could you be yourself around them, or was it always a little uncomfortable? Could you be goofy and get them to laugh or were you always putting on the “cool” front thinking that would win you the cookie? I know for myself those I was really attracted to, it never worked out.

Now who should you go after then? The ones you want to look for are the 6’s or 7’s. Look for people you find charming, witty, interesting, intriguing. These are the people you are attracted to yet not so much that you attempt miracles to be with them, and you most defiantly can be yourself around them.

You may still be disagreeing with this philosophy, but think about it next time you are attempting to get with a 10. Are you being yourself? Are you comfortable? Can you really maintain a relationship not being yourself for all time and eternity? NO!! So the next time you feel the 10 attraction smile and send him on his way. That is not your man, don’t waste your time, energy or heart. It will not work out! Instead give a chance to Mr. Charming interesting guy…. This is the guy you will marry!

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