Are you stuck inside a pressure cooker?

Lets get real here for a minute. I was recently at a friend’s house with her and overheard a conversation she was having with her parents. She is going to graduate soon, and was planning on going to do a masters afterward since that is what is necessary to do the type of work she wants. But she was expressing that she felt a little burnt out and maybe needed a year off to just work before she starts her masters. Which is totally understandable.

Here is where the convo got a bit juicy. Her parents have told her they would help her pay off her student loans once she graduated, she understood with her undergrad. Her parents say no the agreement was when you finish your masters we will pay off the loans. Thus she felt forced to have to continue with her masters. Common sense would tell you fine just go do the masters. But when you have already been in school for the last five years and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with graduation it is a little discouraging to then realize you may have one or two more years before you are done!

The problem I see here is feeling pressured to do anything. Sure pressure may be one form of motivation but I do not believe it to be the best form of motivation nor the healthiest way to live life. I have talked to too many people who have started one thing such as law school, or med school or some other higher education program to realize part of the way into it that is not what they really want to do. The problem with this is now you have $40k of debt in student loans to try and pay off, and no degree. This is the a tough situation because now you are only qualified to get the same type of job you could have before starting grad school but are now attempting to pay off student loans for the rest of your life!

So the point of my little example is this. DO NOT DO ANYTHING IN LIFE BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO! You need to feel the motivation from the inside, do it because YOU WANT TO! It may seem like obvious insight but I still continue to find myself caught up in mentality of SHOULD BE’s… “I should be doing this, I should be more like that, I should have a better job, I should use my degree, I should get a p.h.d.”, ect. The truth is all we really need to do is follow our heart, listen to yourself and do things for the right reasons, because you want to do it. It will save you a lot of time, money, and regret further on down the road.

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