An attempt at understanding love…yet again.

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You want to know what love is? It is accepting someone just as they are. Seeing the good in them and accepting the bad as well. Letting them tell you all of who they are and you just sit there and listen and then give a hug to let them know it is all okay. Love is unconditional. You don’t need to be any certain way or do anything in particular, I just love you because I do. Love transforms yet is still ever lasting. Love is letting someone walk away because you believe they will be happy and that is all you want for them. Love is just love pure and simple. Not complex it just is. It is pure, it is joy, and it is pain too. Love is comfort, it is security, it is being able to be authentic and let your guard down, to harbor no secret to let down any wall that may keep someone out.

Yet love has boundaries.

It has a code. I can love you and you can love me yet to hit the depth of the abysses that love can encompass agreements must be met so intimacy can be reached. If the agreements are breached and trust is lost, love still exists yet the intimacy suffers and security and comfort turns into fear and stress. For without trust you can have no intimacy. Love without intimacy isn’t a game big enough to play in.

But is love, by itself, enough to make a relationship work? Sometimes I wish love alone were enough, yet in the world I live in with all the preferences and desires of what “should be” in order to be “happy” love sadly, is not enough. Not for me. My concern is then how long will love by itself last when so many other aspects lack? Love alone is not enough, other preferences must be met, other qualities must be shown for commitment to take place and a relationship to flourish. So I walk away yet again.  And wonder when, if ever, I will feel peace enough to stay and simply be (in love).

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