You Are My Teacher

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in The Purpose of Life, Uncategorized | No Comments

The relationships that come in and out of our lives have purpose. No matter how awesome or annoying that certain someone is in your life, whether it be your mother or your next door neighbor we are all here as teachers for each other.  Through our relationships is how we learn best; we each act as a mirror for one another to see both the positive and negative projections. Through relationships we learn to set up healthy boundaries, to work out agreements, to share, listen and love and when the time comes, how to let go and move on without them anymore.


Take a look at your life and see the people you have chosen to associate with, even down to your family…you chose them for a reason, now take what you can and see the lesson involved. No relationship is just chance or coincidence; everyone can be an opportunity for growth, if you so chose.


Don’t take your relationships for granted, look at each one of them as your teacher…now go and learn like good students!

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